It all comes together in the NEW KUV100 NXT to redefine urban mobility once again.

This is no meek and mild wannabe - with its bold SUV stance, sporty styling and imposing good looks - it's the ultimate urban warrior. This vehicle has ample room for five adults to travel in comfort, height adjustable driver’s seat, durable high quality fabric upholstery, front and rear armrests with integrated cup holders. 

Not only is the Mahindra KUV100 stylish, the peppy mFalcon engine will let you push your limits. Even more refined, it is quiet and offers an enhanced driving experience with minimum in-cabin noise. 


Electronic climate control panel

Easily control the temperature in your vehicle with a convenient electronic temperature control panel.

Remote keyless entry with in-remote boot opening

Enjoy this smart entry with in-remote boot opening functionality.

Follow me home headlamps

Make sure that your path is lit, after you have switched off your vehicle, with follow me home headlamps.

Twin pod cluster with gear shift alerts

Stay aware of everything on the road with a twin pod cluster and a gear shift alert feature.

Electric power steering with steering-mounted controls

Electric power steering systems with electric-mounted controls provide steering assistance to every driver.

Micro hybrid with engine stop-start

With ESS (Engine Start-Stop). Designed for fuel efficient consumption.

Dual front airbags

Comes standard in all models, designed to protect the driver and front passenger.

Robost monocoque construction with ultra-high strenght steel

Robust monocoque construction with ultra-high strength steel was designed for a superior safe ride.

ABS standard in all variants

Anti-lock braking system comes standard in all variants.

ISOFIX child seat mounts on rear seat

International standard attachment points are located on the rear seat. As well as child safety locks on rear doors.

Rear window wash and wipe with defogger

Easily wash, wipe and defog your rear window for a clear and safe view.

Speed sensing automatic door locks

At a certain speed, a signal is sent to the door locks, ensuring the safety of everyone inside the vehicle.

Engine immobiliser

An encrypted key recognition system will reject any foreign key attempting to access the vehicle.

New aggressive grill with chrome inserts

An aggressive grille with chrome inserts ensures that this is no meek and mild looking SUV.

Dual-tone front bumpers with silver skid plate

The dual-tone front & rear bumpers with silver skid plates help to create the ultimate urban warrior look.

New muscular body lines

A statement on, and off the road, it’s new muscular vehicle body lines were designed for style.

New dual-tone rear bumper with silver skid plate

The dual-tone front & rear bumpers with silver skid plates help to create the ultimate urban warrior look.

Flared wheel arches with new side ridge cladding

The dual-tone front & rear bumpers with silver skid plates help to create the ultimate urban warrior look.

New integrated spoiler with aero corners

The new stylish rear spoiler with aero corners gives the KUV100 edge on the road.

New dual chamber sunglass-inspired headlamps with LED DRLs (daytime running lights)

Sunglass-inspired headlamps with LED DRLs (Daytime Running Lights).

New fog lamps with bezel surround

Modern fog lamps with bezel surround.

New double barrel clear lens tail lamps

Fitted with brand new double-barreled clear lens lamps for a stylish rear.

New premium interiors with sporty black theme, piano black inserts & silver accents

Enjoy the ride with a sporty black interior and piano black inserts with stylish silver accents.

Spacious 243 litre boot

243L boot space which is easily expandable to 473L with a flat floor.

Under-floor storage compartment

Enjoy under-floor storage compartment as well as an under seat storage unit with removal bin.

Under seat storage space with removable bin

Enjoy under-floor storage compartment as well as an under seat storage unit with removal bin.

Cooled glove box

To keep things as cool as you’ll feel driving the KUV100.

Overhead sunglass compartment

With a place to conveniently keep your sunnies, the KUV100 comes with plenty of storage.

Puddle lamps

Also known as courtesy lights, these lights will help illuminate the way in or out of your vehicle.

Console-mounted, joystick-like gearshift

Enjoy the comfort of an easy-to-handle, console-mounted, joystick-like gearshift.

Height-adjustable driver’s seat

Suitable for any driver, an adjustable seat allows you the most comfort at your convenience.

Driver footrest (dead pedal)

Often referred to as a dead pedal, this feature allows the driver to rest his or her left foot while driving.

61kW petrol engine / 57kW diesel engine

The 1.2 petrol engine has a max. gross power of 61kW @ 5500 rpm. The 1.2 diesel engine does 57kW @ 3750 rpm.

Long distance travel suspension for a smoother ride

Dampening the effect of rough, off-road driving conditions for a smoother ride.

High angles of approach & departure

Giving your vehicle the ability to avoid steep obstacles on a climb or descent.

Pricing & Specifications

K2+ Petrol

R158 999

(incl VAT)

k2+ #Dare Petrol

R171 999

(incl VAT)

K6+ Petrol

R197 999

(incl VAT)

K6+ #Dare Petrol

R207 999

(incl VAT)

K6+ Diesel

R231 999

(incl VAT)

K8+ Petrol

R224 999

(incl VAT)


R254 999

(incl VAT)

 K2+K2+ #Dare PETROLK6+K6 #DareK6+K8+K8+
Bumpers – front
Two tone colour (black & body colour)
Bottom chin – MIC
Bottom chin – silver 
Bumpers – rear
Two tone colour (black & body colour)
Rear skid plate – MIC
Rear skid plate – silver
Rear spoiler
Outer – body colour
Inner – MIC
Outer extension (air blade) – MIC
Inner extension (air blade) – MIC
New muscular body lines 
Bold SUV stance
New dual-chamber, sunglass-inspired headlamps with LED DRLS
New dual-chamber, sunglass-inspired headlamps without LED DRLS
New fog lamps with bezel surround 
New power foldable OVRMs with integrated indicators 
Radiator grille
Top grille natural colour (caps with ASA black)
Top grille with chrome caps
Glass – green tint (windscreen, sides, tailgate)
14” – 4 Wheel locations + Spare Wheel
14” – Black Painted Main 4 Wheel
14” – Black Painted Spare Wheel Steel Rim
14” –  Silver painted Main 4 Wheel
14” – Silver Painted Spare Wheel Steel Rim
15” – Silver Painted Spare Wheel Steel Rim
15” –  S105 design
14” – 4 Wheel locations – Alloy
Tyres & Steel Rims
185/60 R 15
185/65 R 14
Wheel Covers
Small Wheel Hub Cap at centre for 14 inch Wheel rim
Full wheel cover – For 14 inch wheel rim
Alloy wheel cap
 K2+K2+ #Dare PETROLK6+K6 #DareK6+K8+K8+
New 7 inch captive touchscreen infotainment
Monochrome 3.5 inch
Audio system - integrated mp3 / WMA
Controls on steering wheel
Speakers - 4 (no tweeter)
Speakers - 4 + 2 tweeter
Radio antenna - roof mounted - central
New intellipark
Rear park assist (RPAS)
Remote keyless entry with in remote opening tail gate
Follow-me-home headlamps
Twin pod cluster with gear shift alerts
Electric power steering with steering mounted controls
Eco mode and power mode
Micro hybrid
Instrument cluster
LCD screen - twin pod with LCD display
Gear shift indicator
Electrically actuated HLLD
 K2+K2+ #Dare PETROLK6+K6 #DareK6+K8+K8+
Falcon petrol and diesel engines with superior low end torque
Petrol 1.2 L, 3 cyl Engine-NA (Power: 82 hp, Torque: 115 Nm)
Diesel 1.2 L, 3 cyl Engine - TC (Power:  77 hp, Torque: 190 Nm)
Power / ECO mode
Fuel Tank
Fuel tank capacity - 35L
Sheet metal fuel tank
Plastic fuel pump module with in-tank fuel pump, strainer, pressure limiter, rollover valve. Fuel gauge integral for petrol & diesel.
Engine position - transverse
Long travel suspension
High angles of approach and departure
Transmission - 5 speed manual
Transmission neutral switch
Engine Cooling
Radiator - plastic upper & lower tank. Aluminium core.
Hoses to suit diesel engine
Hoses to suit petrol engine
De-gassing tank for diesel
De-gassing tank for petrol
Fan & shroud - electrical fan with integrated injection-molded shroud
Front end seals
Diesel - factory-fill with Ethylene Glycol
Petrol - factory-fill with Ethylene Glycol
Emission norms - Euro 2
 K2+K2+ #Dare PETROLK6+K6 #DareK6+K8+K8+
Premium interiors with sporty black theme, piano black inserts, and silver accents
Blue-grey interior theme
Black interior theme
Front and rear arm rest with cup holders 
Spacious boot
Under-floor storage
Cooled glove box
Sunglass holder
Puddle lamps
Console-mounted, joystick-like gear shift
Driver foot rest
Injection moulded door trims
Injection Moulded Door Trims With
Fabric on door trim Armrest
Injection Moulded Door Trims W/O
Fabric on door trim Armrest
Molded Map pocket with integrated cup/ bottle and magazine holder
[Frt door & Rear Door]
Arm rest (Front and Rear Door)
Perforation for Speakers (On all doors)
Pelvic pushers - to meet side impact test
Tailgate Trim
Flat board trim
Tailgate door pull. Strap Type, overmoulded - Mounted on inner panel.
Rear Parcel shelf
Rear trunk lid luggage floor
Instrument Panel (IP)
Injection Moulded IP without Infotainment
Injection Moulded IP with 3.5 inch infotainment
Glove box with latch
Glove box lid pen holder
Single DIN Audio non-lidded storage bin
Chiller in glovebox
Adjustable air vents at RHS, centre, LHS.
Demist fixed air vents at base of screen.
HLLD switch protection
Hazard Switch
Center fascia, with provision for 3 controls (Manual HVAC controls)
Center fascia, with 3.5 inch monochrome infotainment
Centre Bezel Natural Coloured
Centre Bezel with metal inserts
Shroud Upper & Lower
Fuse flap RH
Mounting for gear shift lever
Mounting for parking brake lever
Gear knob - Natural MIC
Silver Plated Bezel on gear shift Knob - MT
A pillar - upper - natural MIC
A pillar - lower - natural MIC
B pillar - upper - natural MIC
B pillar - lower - natural MIC
Black out tape on B pillar
C pillar - upper - natural MIC
C pillar - lower - natural MIC
RQT - Non Woven PET moulded
Non woven moulded carpet
Anti-slip clips for floor mat (Driver Side)
Natural coloured door handles (interior)
Scuff Plate
Front - natural MIC
Rear - natrual MIC
Tail gate - natural MIC
Moulded roof liner
Grab handle - natural MIC
Steering Wheel
PU Foam + Steel Armature (Steering Wheel Bottom Cover In PP)
Audio control switch on steering wheel
Bezel - Natural color
Bezel - Painted Piano Black
Bezel - Painted Painted Gunmetal Finish Matt
Steering wheel bezel
Steering Wheel Emblem
Driver Seat
Vinyl Cover (A+B surface)
Fabric Cover ( A+B surface)
Height adjustments (manual / active)
Adjustable seat back recliner
Seat track
Removable head restraint
See-trhough bezel - natural colour
Co Driver Seats
Vinyl Cover (A+B surface)
Fabric Cover ( A+B surface)
Adjustable seat back recliner
Foldable back rest with cup holder (for co driver inboard occupant)
Seat track
Removable storage bin with handles
Removable head restraint
See-through bezel - natural colour
Second Row Seats
Vinyl Cover (A+B surface)
Fabric Cover ( A+B surface)
Carpet behind 2ns row seats
Separate back and cushion (100%)
2ns row backrest fixed & cushion foldable
Cushion flip & back fold 
Armrest with cup holder
Single removable head restraint
Integrated head / neck rest
Interior lighting
Interior theme switch location - roof console
Door innner handle lighting (FRT LH + RH)
Door innner handle lighting (RR LH + RH)
 K2+K2+ #Dare PETROLK6+K6 #DareK6+K8+K8+
Robust monocoque construction with ultra high strength steel
ABS standard in all variants 
Driver airbag
Front crash sensor
Co driver air bag
BNCAP crash norm - 56 km/h
Rear wash and wipe defogger 
Speed-sensing automatic door locks
Engine immobiliser 
Foundation brakes 
ABS+EBD+EDC [Engine Drag Torque Control]
Rear Drum Brake
Front Disc Brake - Ventilated Disc
Parking Brake Lever location: on IP
Parking Brake Cable operated on Rear Wheels
EPS Steering gear
Collapsible steering column
Seatbelt reminder for driver
Front row outboard occupant - 3 point seat belt with load limiter
Second row outboard occupant - 3 point seat belt
Mechanical child locks on side doors
 K2+K2+ #Dare PETROLK6+K6 #DareK6+K8+K8+
Manual single door lock
Manual central door lock
Remote central door lock
Flip key with remote + tailgate actuation
Flip key with remote + search function
Flip key without remote
Key with remote + tailgate actuation
Key with remote + search function
 K2+K2+ #Dare PETROLK6+K6 #DareK6+K8+K8+
Roof ditch seal - plastic
Plenum applique
Splash shields natural coloured - front and rear
Air Intake
Air Filter - Paper Filter Element
Air Filter Mounting - BIW Mounted (Applicable for Gasoline NA & Diesel MT variants)
Dirty Air Hose to suite packaging
Clean Air Hose to suite packaging
Door Handles
Horizontal pull-type handles - front door
Vertical pull-type handles - rear door
Front door handles - natural coloured plastic
Front door handles - body coloured
Rear door handles - natural coloured plastic
Rear door handles - piano black
Outer rear-view mirrors
Natural coloured plastic
Body coloured
Side mouldings (cladding)
Door side cladding - natural coloured
Sill side cladding - natural coloured
Wheel arch cladding - natural coloured
Side Repeaters
Side turn indicator location: fender applique
Fender applique mesh 
Side turn indicator location: ORVM
 K2+K2+ #Dare PETROLK6+K6 #DareK6+K8+K8+
HVAC Control Panel Temp control - Mechanically actuated, mechanically operated Blower control - Mechanically Operated, Electrically Actuated Mode control - Mechanically actuated, Mechanically operated Fresh air mode/Recirculation mode - Electrically actuated, Mechanically operated
HVAC Unit - Mechanically operated, Electrically actuated
HVAC Unit - Mechanically operated, Mechanically actuated
Vents on IP
5 seats
Insulation (Heat & Sound)
Dash insulator
Underbody deadener, stiffener pad & melt sheet 3mm thick
Roof felt - sound insulation
Felt in Pillar trims - B Pillar
Felt in door trims
Firewall insulation
Hood insulation
Bottom encapsulation
Engine top cover - unpainted MIC
Fender blocker
Front - Macpherson strut type
Rear - Twist beam type
K frame type of sub frame assy
 K2+K2+ #Dare PETROLK6+K6 #DareK6+K8+K8+
Engine start-stop switch and system (micro hybrid)
Key start ignition
Overhead console with sunglass holder
Driver side Sunvisor - Natural MIC
With Ticket Holder
Co-Driver side Sunvisor - Natural MIC
With Mirror
Co-Driver side Sunvisor - Natural MIC
Without  Mirror
Co driver sun visor with Air bag warning label
Floor console
Cup holder
General storage space
Demister + Switch
Windshield washer system - front wiper
Windshield washer system - rear wiper
Clutch - footrest / dead pedal
Clutch - semi-hydraulic actuation
Engine muffler
Wiper motor - front windshield
Wiper motor - rear tail gate glass
Spare wheel - behind rear seats, inside body and fastened using stud and nut
Clear lens head lamps with all-clear bulbs (MFR single beam H4 bulbs)
Headlamp with twin chamber with DRL. New bezel and housing for headlamp.
Headlamp with twin chamber without DRL. New bezel and housing for headlamp.
Courtesy interior lamps
Fog lamp cover without fog cutout - MIC
Fog lamp cover with fog cutout - MIC
Rear fog lamp reflector cover - MIC
Tail lamps. CMF changes with inner lens modification.
Rear boot lamp
Puddle lamps - underside of each door
HMSL - tail gate
Rear reflectors: LH & RH - rear bumper
Combi switch 
All door manual window
Power window switches - all doors. Main power window switch - illumination applicable only for driver, co-driver & child lock. Sub switches will not have illuminations.
Hazard switch
Hazard warning flashers + wiper
Hazard + wiper + CDL (center door lock)
Tail Gate
Tail door opening - manual key cylinder on tailgate
Tail door opening - cable operated
Tail door opening - electrically activated latch
Tail door opening - electrically activated latch - switch control location
Demister - on tail gate glass
ORVM Operations
Manual via interior stalks
Electric via switch / stalk on IP
Electrically foldable ORVM
Side turn indicator in ORVM
Electrically foldable ORVM switch locator
 K2+K2+ #Dare PETROLK6+K6 #DareK6+K8+K8+
VIN Plate
VIN purchasing plate in IP
Air bag warning sticker
Fuel consumption & CO2 emission sticker
Smoke value sticker