Mahindra Powerol
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. entered the field of Power Generation in 2002. Today, Mahindra engines under the brand name of Mahindra Powerol are powering Diesel Generators up to a rating of 200kVA Worldwide.

These Diesel Generators incorporate the latest technology and offer several advantages – they respond faster to sudden loading and unloading conditions, they vibrate less, have lower noise levels, offer low maintenance costs, control voltage fluctuations and are designed to assure hassle-free operations for over 10,000 hours.

powerol-differentiatorsMahindra Powerol Diesel Generators are manufactured at state-of-the art factories located in India at Pune & Delhi and also complies to the most stringent noise pollution norms laid down by the Central Pollution Control Board, India making them ready to meet any environmental challenge in the industry.

Mahindra Powerol has sold over 240,000 Diesel Generators, and in the process, became a forerunner in the Indian Power Generation industry and the 1 choice of Indian Telecom majors. Mahindra Powerol
has also won the Frost & Sullivan’s “Voice of Customer” award for the most preferred brand in the telecom cell-sites segment.

Today, Mahindra Powerol is a significant player in the global power generation industry and has made inroads in South Asia, Middle East & African countries. The focus on International markets has enabled Mahindra Powerol to cater to various segments like Telecom, Government & Defence organizations, Banking Industry, Retail Chains, Household Utility, Healthcare, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Construction and Manufacturing.

Mahindra Powerol, Powering Your World


1. Fuel efficient engines running on Diesel Efficiency Technology.
2. Robust engine (AVL Austria Design) with proven performance ensuring reliability & longer product life.
3. Better weight to power ratio resulting in compact engine size.
4. Low cost of ownership.
5. Less vibrations & low sound levels.
6. Suitable for various segments as Telecom, Construction, Service, Manufacturing, Industries etc.
7. Ready availability of spare parts.
8. Effective after sales service in all countries of operation.

1. 100% testing of units manufactured at Mahindra Powerol.
2. Aesthetically superior, low foot print, high quality sound enclosures providing optimum cooling for engine & alternator.
3. Diesel engine & Diesel Generator control system at par in its class.
4. Designed to meet the latest environmental norms.

Powerol Features

Additional Features
Additional Features:
1. Adequate visual indications provided for enhanced worker safety.
2. Fire retardant foam and inside heat resistant. Rockwool insulation for better sound attenuation.
3. Residential Silencer placed inside hot chamber area within enclosure for further noise reduction. Hot chamber area isolated from rest of generator component which improves the working life of components.
4. Top air discharge provision for better sound reduction.
5. Remote monitoring options available.
6. Diesel fill cap located inside enclosure to prevent diesel theft.


– l1500 rpm, four-stroke cycle, direct injection, in-line construction, Water cooled diesel engine with radiator up to 200 kVA.
– Generator set steel base skid mounted with anti vibration mounts between Engine-Alternator set and base frame.
– Mechanical compliant with ISO 3046 Class A1 and ISO 8528 pt.5, Class G2 governing.
– Dry type Air filter with restriction indicator having filtration efficiency of 99.9%.
– Full flow spin on type lube oil filter.
– Up to 125 kVA, 12V electrical starter & battery charging alternator. For range from 125 kVA to 200 kVA, 24V electrical starter & battery charging alternator for gensets.
– Engines suitable to perform in hot, humid & dusty conditions.

– Generator set supplied with Sound Attenuation Canopy limiting noise level to 75 dBA at 1 meter.
– Strongly built metallic canopy suitable for outdoor use.
– Zinc passivated or stainless steel fasteners to withstand corrosive conditions.
– Emergency stop button mounted on canopy exterior.
– Fuel fill and battery can only be reached via lockable access doors.
– Provision for lifting through hooks on the base frame, central lifting also available.
– Canopy equipped with internal lights.

– Leroy Somer make, 3 phase, 4 wire, 415 V and 50 Hz brushless alternator. lIP 23 protection.
– Self excited, AVR (Automatic voltage regulator) controlled and screen protected. 1.0% rated voltage regulation.
– Isochronous under varying load from no load to 100% full load. Random frequency variation shall not exceed ± 0.4% of its mean value for constant loads – no load to full load.
– Total harmonic distortion less than 5% at full load AC waveform.
– Class H insulation with temperature rise of 125 C over ambient of 40 C.
– Self cooled through fan mounted on shaft.

– Microprocessor based high reliability Deep Sea controller. The following will be supplied with each set:
– Operation & Maintenance Manual for Generating Set.
– Electrical diagrams.