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Conquesting Moolmanshoek

Discovering the secrets ​of Moolmanshoek​

Our excitement was palpable as we set out on our latest conquest, to explore a rugged terrain that had always been out of reach due to the lack of a vehicle that could handle the challenge. But today was different. Today, we were equipped with the tough and reliable Scorpio N, ready to conquer any obstacle in our path. As we stepped out of our vehicles and took in the surroundings, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe and wonder at the natural beauty that lay before us. Moolmanshoek, in the Freestate, was unlike any place we had ever seen before, with its vast expanse of rugged mountains, rolling hills, and winding rivers. Tumelo, our fellow adventurer and guide for this latest conquest, had brought us here to share his childhood memories and the secrets of his hometown. As we geared up and headed out on our adventure, I could sense his excitement and anticipation, his eyes sparkling with pride and joy. The rain from the night before made everything come alive, the vibrant colours of the landscape and the smells of fresh open air and wildflowers more intense. As we drove through the stunning landscape of Moolmanshoek in our Scorpio Ns, we were lucky enough to witness herds of wildebeest and zebra running through the lush green grass alongside us. It was an incredible sight, and we were all in awe of the beauty and power of these majestic animals. As we followed the herds, we could hear the pounding of their hooves on the ground and the sound of their calls echoing through the hills. It was a humbling experience to be in such close proximity to these wild animals and to witness them living their lives in their natural habitat. The wet season had turned the track into a challenging obstacle course, with deep ruts, steep inclines, and slippery descents. But the Scorpio N was the perfect vehicle for tackling this challenge, especially with the added assistance of 4XPLOR. As we navigated through the slippery mud, I could feel the Scorpio N’s powerful mHawk engine and sturdy build providing a stable and reliable ride. The 4XPLOR terrain management system made it easy for us to switch between different driving modes with just the turn of a dial. We could effortlessly switch from normal mode to mud mode, which increased the vehicle’s traction and stability on the slippery surface. The Scorpio N’s suspension system also provided a smooth ride, even over the roughest terrain. As we tackled the rutted and rocky sections of the track, the Scorpio N’s ground clearance and torque made it easy for us to climb up steep inclines and navigate through deep ruts. Despite the challenging conditions, the vehicle’s impressive off-road capabilities and advanced safety features made the journey feel safe and secure and we were able to conquer the mud, rut, and rocks with ease. As we approached our ascent, we were fortunate enough to have the assistance of experienced rangers on horseback. These rangers were intimately familiar with the track and had spent their lives exploring the rugged landscape. We navigated through the steep inclines, and rocky terrain and the rangers rode alongside us, guiding us through the most challenging sections of the track. They were able to offer us valuable insights into the local flora and fauna, pointing out unique features of the landscape that we might have otherwise missed. Having the rangers on horseback alongside us definitely added an extra layer of excitement and adventure to our journey! The climb up was not for the faint of heart, but we all eagerly took on the challenge. The Scorpio Ns were the perfect vehicles for the job, with their sturdy build and powerful engines. The rugged terrain bounced and jostled us around, but the Scorpio Ns handled it with ease, navigating through the rocks and boulders with their advanced suspension systems. As we reached the summit, we paused for a moment, taking it all in. The view was breathtaking, the landscape stretched out before us, a vast tapestry of mountains, valleys, and streams. At that moment we were reminded of the importance of adventures with friends. We felt very grateful for Tumelo, our fellow adventurer and guide, who had shared his hometown with me and shown us its hidden secrets. As we made our way back down the hill, we were already planning our next adventure together. We knew that no matter where we went, it wouldn’t be without the Scorpio N and each other.